Our entry system is designed to be straightforward to use, but we know that are one or two common errors that can be made. We have written this page to guide you step-by-step through the process of entering Betws-y-coed Trail Challenge.

In the example below we will enter the 2018 5k Canicross event as a non-affiliated runner, give a donation to our charity partner Help for Heroes, and order a Trail Challenge race tech-tee. Note that the prices in the example reflect the "early bird" offer which ends on Sunday 19th November 2017. Click on any of the images in this help article to view larger.



Stage 1

When you click on "Enter Now" in the top navigation menu on any page, you will come to the Enter Now page, a section of which is shown here. From this page you can select the race you wish to enter. If you want to purchase a t-shirt or hoodie, you can return to this page or visit our Racewear page after you have filled in your entry details. We will take you through this process in stage 4 below.

Click on any of the images in this help article to view larger.

In our example we want to enter the 5k Canicross event, so click on either the photograph of the runner or the event title underneath the photograph.


Stage 2

When you get to your event page, you need to select two options:

If you are a member of an affiliated club, you can give us your UK Athletics Number on the next screen. If you are not affiliated, a surcharge of £2 will be added to your entry fee.

You also have the option to give a donation to our charity partners, Help for Heroes, if you wish.

Once you have chosen your two options, the final price will appear and you are ready to proceed. In our example we are non-affiliated and we are giving a donation of £5, so "from £15" will change to "£22". Click on "enter this race" to go to the entry form.

TIP :  at the bottom of the screen there is a previous/next navigation bar - this will move you between events, pressing next here will not take you to the entry form.


Stage 3

When the entry form pops up, fill in your details as required.

Some fields are compulsory, these are indicated by *. Other fields are optional. Scroll down to complete the form.

TIP :  please ensure you enter your date of birth in the American MMDDYYY format.

TIP :  approx 1% give current year as their birth year. It isn't.

TIP :  if you misspell your name or enter the incorrect gender on this form then it will appear on the start list.


Stage 3 (cont.)

At the bottom of the entry form there are a couple of questions that help us to understand the benefit our event brings to our charity partner Help for Heroes and the Betws-y-coed economy. If you're not certain how to answer these, please just indicate your best guess at the time of entering.

When you have finished entering your details, please click on "enter this race" to put your entry into the basket.

TIP :  mistakes are very easy to rectify at this stage, but not so easy once entries have closed. Please check your entry carefully.


Stage 4

When you click "enter this race", you will see the basket icon appear in the top right corner of the screen. This will remain visible on any page until you complete checkout.

Once the icon is visible, click on it to view your basket - we will do this later in stage 7.

In our example we are going to order a tech-tee. You can buy racewear from both the "Enter Now" and "Racewear" pages, we will click on "Racewear".


Stage 5

On the racewear page you will see the full range of racewear for the race you are entering, plus any excess stock from previous races at reduced prices.

In our example we are ordering a tech-tee, so we click on "2018 Purple Tech Tee". You can click on either the words or the image.


Stage 6

On the product page you can select the size and quantity you require, before adding your tech tee to your basket.

TIP :  size guides are available for all garments, either in text under the product photos or as one of the product photos.


Stage 7

We have now selected our race, given a donation to H4H, filled in our entry form, and selected our tech tee.

Next, we click on the basket icon to go to the shopping basket and complete our order.


Stage 8

When you click through to the shopping basket, check your order is correct then click on "checkout" to proceed.


Stage 9

In the first stage of checkout enter your email address - this is where your receipt will be sent to.

Please subscribe to our email list, this will allow us to keep you up to date with information about this and future Trail Challenges.

Click on "continue" to proceed.


Stage 10

In the second stage of checkout, please enter your address. In most cases this will be your card billing address.

TIP :  take great care to enter your address correctly, we do see card transactions fail because of this.

Select the delivery option for merchandise. In our example we have entered the race so we will collect ours from race registration. We can post racewear after race day, but not before.

Click on "continue" to proceed.



Stage 11

In the third stage of checkout, enter your card details.

TIP :  take care to enter your card details correctly, and ensure the card has not expired, we do see transactions fail because of this.

Click on "continue" to proceed.


Stage 12

Finally, in the fourth stage of checkout you have a last chance to review your order before it is finalised.

Click on "purchase" to place your order.

You will receive a confirmation email when your order is received.


Hopefully this guide has resolved any problems you had when entering Betws-y-coed Trail Challenge, but if you require any further assistance please contact us. Note that any problems notified to us before entries close will be addressed and we will get you in. If you tell us about a problem after entries close, it will be too late.