Q. What are the start times?
A. Half-marathon - 12:30; 10k & 5k Trail - 13:00; 10k & 5k CaniX - !3:30 (in waves).

Q. Is there a course time limit?
A. No.

Q. Where does the race start and finish?
A. The race starts behind St Mary’s Church on the forest track to Llyn Elsi. Runners should assemble a few minutes before the start time for their race. Bear in mind that the minor road behind St Mary's Church will remain open to traffic and we wish to minimise disruption to residents - so please do not assemble too early. The race finishes at the Waterloo Hotel.

Q. When will I receive my confirmation letter?
A. All online entrants are sent a confirmation e-mail immediately.

Q. Where is the Expo being held?
A. Event HQ is at the Waterloo Hotel.

Q. Where will I collect my race pack?
A. Packs are available at registration, mementoes will be given out at the finish. Registration will run from 10:00 am until 12:45 pm on race day.

Q. When will results be available?
A. Results will be available as the runners come in. They will be on line (on our site) by early Saturday evening. Runners that have given their mobile phone numbers will be texted with their individual times shortly after the race.

Q. Have I been accepted?
A. Your confirmation e-mail is proof of your acceptance in to the race.

Q. What will I receive when I finish the challenge?
A. All challenge runners will receive race goodies at registration and a memento at the finish. Note that in line with our policy of maximising sustainability and usability we give a reusable reward for completing the Trail Challenge rather than a medal.

Q. Do you transport baggage from the start to the finish?
A. No

Q. What does my entry fee cover?
A. Entry in to the trail race, microchip timing facilities, race goodies, and a memento.

Q. Can I get a refund or defer my place if I am unable to participate?
A. Sorry, we are unable to offer refunds or deferrals if entrants are no longer able to participate. We suggest that you sell your place to a friend, then please contact us to advise us of your replacement's details.